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I am a real estate consultant specialize in real estate investing for the 55+ real estate investor because they have some unique challenges that the younger real estate investor doesn’t have. It’s not as easy for Seniors to jump into real estate investing for several reasons: 

Lack of knowledge. I can’t tell you how many seniors attending my seminars say they have thought about investing in real estate for years, but they have lacked the knowledge of how to do it successfully.

Seniors are not in a position to lose what security they already have; consequently, they are more cautious. Their investing strategy distinctly involves their age, risk tolerance, and expectation of returns.

It’s like learning a new language. As a Senior, learning how to invest in real estate is like learning a new language. It takes some time and effort, but Seniors are mastering the techniques every day.

The key to success is to “keep it simple.”  While there are hundreds of ways to invest in real estate, we need to focus on a specific, sure-fire strategy that will keep Seniors safe and give them the ability to earn extra money in real estate.

I help Seniors organize their office, break down their annual goals to weekly tasks, build buyers and sellers lists through marketing and effective phone calls, cost-out the rehabs, run the numbers to secure winning offers, and write contracts.  Of course, I provide active follow-up throughout the process. 


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