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I began my real estate career in the early 1970’s as a realtor in Southern California working with numerous real-estate firms.

After several years, I became a real-estate broker, and an esteemed partner and I built our own company.  Those were the “glory days” of real-estate investing, as it was easy to get credit and to buy and sell properties. 

Stock Broker


In 1980, our family moved to Utah, and I became a stock broker, working with three large, national companies. Eventually, I was named Branch Manager then Vice-President at E. F. Hutton.  Interestingly, I continued to buy and sell real estate while being a stock broker since I was making more money in real estate than I was in the stock market!  



In 1997, I began my career of coaching real-estate investing and worked one-on-one with 70 to 100 clients weekly. I have been a national Real Estate Coach for over 20 years and have conducted live, 3-day seminars in nearly every state. For the past 7 years, I have taught 25 to 30 seminars a year. 


I have coached for some of the biggest names in cable-TV property-rehab programs, such as The Property Brothers, Doug Clark, Dean Graziosi, and Scott Yancey. 

Additionally, I am a Certified Life Coach and have successfully helped people to improve their lives and achieve their goals and dreams.